Best Wrestling Shoes (Jan. 2018) You Can Buy Right Now

Best Wrestling Shoes 2018 You Can Buy Right Now

Consumer Report:  Discover our collection of the Best Wrestling Shoes Updated January 2018

Wrestling is also popular among sports enthusiasts of other disciplines for complete foot support and the highest design Interior arches to increase foot speed appropriately designed, and a well-made Best Wrestling Shoes battle will give the wrestler a comfortable experience during several seasons of competitive education and sporting events. You want to be smart too!

Winners: See The Top 10 Best Wrestling Shoes

Men’s Matflex 5 (Editor’s Choice)ASICS$$$4.9
Adizero Wrestling XIV Wrestling ShoesAdidas$$$4.9
Men’s Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe(Editor’s Choice)ASICS$$$4.9
Xplode 2 Brute $$$4.9
Men’s 14PBlack Pendlay $$$4.9
Men’s Matflex 5 ASICS$$$ 4.9
Men’s Cael v7.0 ASICS $$$4.9
Adidas Wrestling Combat Speed III K Wrestling ShoeAdidas$$$4.9
Men’s JB Elite ASICS$$$ 4.9
Response III ASICS$$$ 4.9

1. Men’s Matflex 5 – Best Wrestling Shoes

Matflex 5-best wrestling shoes

The Matflex 5 is a unique shoe is adore by wrestlers who prefer comfortable shoe fits. Provides exceptional comfort and support that fans of this shoe have come to expect. Outstanding performance at an even better price, the Matflex ® remains the best price I found today on the rug.

These shoes combine utility with comfort and support. The critical points of their gum rubber outsoles provide effective control on mats. Shoe soles increase the ability of movement and to avoid slipping. Their Lace Garage closures do not add any additional weight. These laces can adjust for a custom fit and to prevent the move.

To put it just, this is our winner for best wrestling shoes on the market today.

Key Features

    • Breathable upper part encourages air flow.
    • Integrated lace Garage meets regulations for tournament competition.
    • The open mesh top ensures maximum flexibility and perspiration.
    • Integrated lace garage offers secure stowaway space for laces.


2. Adizero Wrestling XIV– Wrestling Shoes


Adizero Wrestling XIV Wrestling Shoes

When you move quickly to the mat, you should have your feet to be safe. This Wrestling shoe is a versatile, high-performance option that offers a sleek, low profile design that is a stripped down, as far as possible, to eliminate rough edges or surfaces for foot and create a profile that saturates the carpet with consistency. A two-piece outsole is flexible enough to support rotational movements and quick attacks, keeping your legs balanced. Welded overlays minimize seams add durability many hours of training and competition.

Key Features

    • Superior Polyester engineered mesh upper with integrated fabric support elements
    • 3d mesh tongue to absorb the moisture away and release it
    • No handles for foot selections and no rough edges
    • Decoupled, two-piece rubber outsole with slightly elevated contact surface for sock-like flexibility
    • The balance between grip and spin for attacks and evasions

3. Men’s Aggressor 2- Wrestling Shoe

Men’s Aggressor 2 Best Wrestling Shoe


Known as The Wrestler wrestling shoe, the Asics 2 High top aggressor is ready for action. This men’s wrestling shoe sports a trodden rubber wall to give you the advantage of a firm grip on each angle with every move. The soft, shape-fitting Ecsaine top which is durable, comfortable and provides an excellent fit; The Lace front panel ensures a custom fit, while the ankle strap with hook and loop closure keeps everything in place. The DuoSole sole of Asics aggressor 2 ‘s fitness shoe reduces weight and enhances flexibility while maintaining traction.

If you are a wrestler ready to go no matter the challenge, the new 2 aggressor is the shoe for you. 

Key Features

    • Unique lacing technique and rounded toe box.
    • Versatility, cushioning and gripping flexibility.
    • More durable and comfortable
    • Excellent cushioning and responsiveness

4. Xplode 2- Wrestling Shoes

Xplode 2 best Wrestling Shoes

These shoes are affordable, performance-oriented and highly reliable. Durable and stylized workhorse uses highly technical and breathable materials. Offer Split suede and mesh upper offers comfort, fit and durability. Outsole for traction and durability exemplary mat. It is quite popular due to their unique properties, values, and power. They are quite versatile and can be used for wrestling, endurance sports training and as a casual choice. Their unique design incorporates leather and fabric to enhance mounting feet and more excellent durability.
It is probably the most technically topical shoe on the market.

Key Features

    • Hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off!
    • Outsole built for consistent mat grip.
    • Mesh upper for comfort, fit and durability.
    • Great Flexibility and Traction

5. Men’s 14PBlack- Weightlifting Shoes

Men’s 14PBlack – best Weightlifting ShoesA shoe explicitly designed with performance in mind, The Men’s 14PBlack is an intelligent, well-designed shoe. Featuring synthetic leather uppers with heavy duty black nylon mesh throughout. The most significant change to the boot is the new single sole design for more strength and flexibility.

Men’s 14PBlack still has that the full Do-win fit that people have come to depend on.The heel height is 3-4 of an inch preferred height for Olympic Lifting.

These shoes are warrantied for 90 days. Although the sole is mostly pushing, we recommend they continue only to use these shoes for weightlifting.

Key Features

    • Enhancing the sole of the weightlifting shoe is stronger and more flexible
    • Two metatarsal belts
    • Make-Win wide design Toebox
    • 3-4 inch Heel height


6. Men’s Matflex 5- Best Wrestling Shoes

Men’s Matflex 4 Wrestling Shoe

The shoe ideal all-around wrestling at an entry-level price, Matflex wrestling shoe us ® 5 provides exceptional comfort and support. Full length of gum rubber outsole provides excellent traction and transpiration and where you need it most ensure satisfaction through the entire match.
They also do a great job of protecting your ankles with high peaks and is little more than a manageable price, as well.

Key Features

    • Integrated lace garage provides secure stowaway space for laces.
    • Open mesh upper ensures maximum flexibility and ventilation where you need more.
    • Full-length gum rubber outsole with traction pads on the rear and forefoot provides a tight grip on the mat for the best move.

7. Men’s Cael v7.0- Wrestling Shoes

Signature shoe of Cael Sanderson is to provide wrestlers with ultimate traction and flexibility on the mat.Synthetic leather and air mesh enhance airflow and mobility.

The design of this shoe was a revolution not an evolution from its predecessors. The shoe is ideal for every wrestler, regardless of their level due to features unique and exclusive. Any update on this shoe was directed at making it more stable, flexible and lightweight.

The version 7 of one of the longest-running series high-performance Shoes wrestling. Re-designed, reinvented for increased durability and style. recommended!!

Key Features

    • Breathable air mesh upper with synthetic overlays for Ecsaine features improved implementation and support.
    • Single-layer mesh tongue
    • The less significant version of ASICS ‘ integrated lace garage offers a relaxed and comfortable fit.
    • Design split sole outsole with traction pattern depending on wrestling for exceptional grip that allows you to cut on a dime.

8. Adidas Wrestling Combat Speed III K– Best Wrestling Shoes

Adidas Wrestling Combat Speed III K Wrestling Shoe

One of the most famous shoe fight back, the shoe Adidas combat speed. Adidas Wrestling Shoes are incredibly lightweight upper with known race speed outsole for maximum speed and performance on the mat. Suitable for all levels of wrestlers.

Key Features

    • Mesh upper offers unmatched breathability and comfort.
    • Flexible TPU support and integrated side stripes (built-in support belt) provide a comfortable fit, with excellent locking support.
    • Die-cut EVA midsole provides extra cushioning and perfect attack stance.
    • Split-suede leather outsole delivers superior grip for improved spin on carpet.

9. Men’s JB Elite- Best Wrestling Shoes

Men’s JB Elite Wrestling Shoe

Officially, the Olympic and world champion wrestling Jordan Burroughs have his signature shoe by ASICS. This says a lot about the ability to consistently provide quality shoe performance for wrestlers. The JB Elite features a single split design for improved flexibility and traction, while the upper NEO-retro links durable suede leather and smooth TPU overlays with single-layer breathable mesh quarter panels for better fit and greater comfort. It is incredibly lightweight and provides the user a sock-like feel when worn.

Key Features

  • Designed with twice the world specs and Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs.
  • Top-Mesh One-layer offers superior breathability and lock-fit.
  • The newly developed Asics ® Integrated Lace Garage meets all regulations for tournament competition.
  • Outsole divided with rear and front leg traction pods (Serradial) that offer the best combination of flexibility and traction to help you take it from a big fighter to a legendary one.


10. Response III- Best Wrestling Shoes

Response III Wrestling Shoes

The Adidas response 3.1 is designed for advanced wrestler. Made of breathable material sweat, have a lace cover and a toe bumper durable leather. It is designed with ventilation that ensures walking is well aerated. This fabric provides 360-degree cooling for the entire foot to keep it dry. This feature is further enhanced with a porous nylon mesh. The midsole is unique draw complete the outsole and provide comfort communication responds and plush.

Reaction 3 continues where it left off its predecessor. These shoes are the latest technology and are available in 5 colors, awesome

Key Features

  • Athletic feature a Synthetic upper with a Round Toe
  • The Man-Made outsole lends lasting traction and wear.
  • Drive Zones Contour
  • Light Weight Support

In conclusion

Wrestling Shoes are essential for beginners and advanced wrestlers. With such a wide variety of fits, designs, and feet, there is a wrestling shoe perfect for any athlete. It may take a trial and error period to determine the best shoe for you, but the suitable shoe wrestling can give you speed, traction, and confidence to the mat. It is a priceless piece of equipment for any wrestler.

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