Best Basketball Shoes (Jan. 2018) - Buyer's Guide and Reviews
Best Basketball Shoes Ever -Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes Of 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Consumer Report: Find The Best Basketball Shoes Of-Updated January 2018

Looking for a pair of best basketball shoes to maximize your potential as a player on the basketball court? Picking right types of shoes is crucial to every basketball player, from novice to advance. They need to gear them up appropriately so give their best performance on the court. So it’s essential to finding the best basketball shoes for improving your performance and gives the best shot.

That is why we have chosen some top performative basketball shoes to suit all your requirements, including the budgets. These are the top performer’s choices of high-class basketball shoes. Even there are ranked well by athletes too.

What Are The Best Basketball Shoes Ever

The best basketball shoes should be comfortable, high performative and look good too. A good pair of b-ball shoes cost a little bit more than average sports shoes, but it’s an investment for your gaming career. A right player of shoes gives the confidence to play more attitude and aggressiveness.

Each and every basketball shoes to come with different characteristics. They could be useful for their work, but not all are ideal for an every basketball player. Various types of player need a different kind of shoes. But few things are standard for every player. And they are totally worth your high investment of money, time and energy.The best basketball shoes should be comfortable, great performative and look good too. A good pair of b-ball shoes cost a little bit more than average sports shoes, but it’s investment in your game career. A right player of shoes gives the confidence to play more attitude and aggressiveness.

What Is The Benefit Of Having The Good Basketball shoes?

Having a good pair of basketball shoes can help a player to play better more. Here are some advantages that you can get having a pair of basketball shoes. A pair of basketball shoes is only the equipment for a player at the time of playing. So, it supports the player much to play well and to build the confidence.

  • A good pair of shoes supports the ankles that need for playing. In basketball playing or other sports, you have a high chance of getting injuries or twisted ankles. So, taking the high-cut or mid-cut basketball shoes are appropriate to use.
  • Your best basketball shoes give you excellent comfort while playing. Its cushioning allows you wear the shoes for a long time so you can practice or play more. It also gives you the support to play without hurting your feet.
  • This type of shoes offers good grip support that prevents slipping and proper balance. So, you keep safe while running in speed and jumping higher. Basketball shoes with good traction support can change your gameplay.
  • Wearing a fresh pair of basketball shoes gives appeal to a player, and he can play with more confident and attitude.

Comparisons: Top 10 Best basketball Shoes of 2018

Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7 Basketball Shoe (Editor’s Choice)Adidas$$$4.9
Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball ShoeNike Men’s $$$4.9
Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe(Editor’s Choice)Under Armour $$$4.9
Skechers Sport Men’s Burst Donlen OxfordSkechers $$$4.9
Nike Men’s Hyperlive Basketball Shoe
Nike $$$4.9
Jordan Mens Jordan True Flight Basketball ShoesJordan $$$ 4.9
Nike Men's Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe Nike$$$4.9
Nike Kobe XI Basketball ShoesNike$$$4.9
Reebok Pro Heritage 2
Basketball Shoe
Reebok$$$ 4.9
Puma Sky II Hi Carbon Men’s Basketball ShoesPuma$$$ 4.9

Most comfortable basketball shoes for the market in 2018

From the millions of options available in the market; it’s tough to find one pair of ideal b-ball shoes for anyone. To make the processes easier our team research among some popular and reliable pairs of shoes that ranked well by their customers. Hope, our tops pick of best basketball shoes will help you to find your best one more quickly, have a look below.

Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7 Basketball Shoe- Adidas  white basketball shoes 

You will like this durable, reliable and breathable pair of shoes which also is very comfortable. The Adidas Performance Men D Rose7 basketball shoe is good for ventilation and energy-returning. They are very light and provide pretty good traction. The shoes offer the engineer mesh back made of nylon. It is one of the best versions. That is the reason it’s good for jumping, landing and running on any basketball court. They offer all range of size and some appealing color range that catch anyone’s eyes. So basically we can say this shoe from Adidas is a perfect combo of features and excellent basketball shoes.

Adidas is a well-known company for supplying footwear for all kinds of sports. They use the best technology. So, you can trust on their products. The price is also in your budget.

The collar of the shoes stuffed with padding that helps you fit your foot perfectly in the shoe. The outsides of the shoes made of synthetic leather that gives long-term capacity. If you are concerned about the traction, cushion, then you can try the Rose 7 basketball shoes. But you do not feel relaxed with it if your feet are wide. The shoes are simply amazing. They use Boost technology to make the Men’s D Rose 7 Basketball Shoes. It is one of the latest technologies and coolest shoes ever. The shoes provide excellent protection at the heel area. Besides, the laces help you to hold your foot in the right place and keep you away from any ankle injury. So, you can choose the shoes for your best performance.

best basketball shoes


  • Made with rubber sole and synthetic upper which makes the pairs very lightweight.
  • Shaft measures around 5” from the arch.
  • Provide maximum breathability and strategic supports while playing.
  • Allow comprehensive ankle support for good performance due to boost.
  • Very durable and safe for use roughly.
  • Beautiful and stylish design and color range.


  • Feels tight around the middle foot sometimes.
  • The shoe is relatively narrow.

Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe – New nike basketball shoes

Those who are looking for a right pair of B-ball shoes for the most width and flat feet they can consider of having the Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe. It won’t hurt these low arch feet and provide excellent Comfortability. It could give you blisters at first, but once you wear it with the thick pair of socks, your problem is solved. The shoes are good for indoor playing, more than outdoor. But still, it provides excellent traction for free playing as well. Besides its responsive lunar cushioning provide impact protection and lasting comfort while playing. The cushioning is soft and lightweight. This model also offers some other colors with same excellent finishing for choosing.

You can perform both indoor and outdoor with these best basketball shoes. The shoes have excellent breathability that you need for summer. Made of the shoe with solid rubber outsole which has a kind of herringbone pattern that provides all traction on various surfaces. The company uses mesh materials at the upper side of the shoes which increases the ventilation capacity and makes the shoes more breathable. The mesh materials save the weight of the shoes and make these comfortable. Moreover, the collar and tongue are dynamic fitted which offer you to run higher.

The midfoot portion has an extra thermoplastic shank which provides excellent support and rigidity. Moreover, the shoes have lockdown support which secures the foot on the footbed. The shoes are suitable for small and big players. The lightweight shoes are safe from any slips because of their rubber made soles. You can feel extra softness with these shoes.

Both the small and power forward are looking for this type of lightweight shoe. So, you can choose a pair of Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe for your good performance and also comfort and best health protection. Besides, the designs of the shoes are amazing.

Nike Men's The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe


  • Hyperfuse material with rubber sole.
  • Good for proper ankle support so you can trust it with your injured legs.
  • Allow a real comfort so you can play well even in the summer day.
  • Don’t limit your mobility with excellent grip and comfort.
  • Offers a good range of colors and design to choose.
  • Very durable and reliable product.


  • Not suitable for outside playing.
  • Feels little hard sometimes.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe –  Curry basketball shoes

This one designed for the play’s most unguardable player, Steph Curry. Yes, this is the latest model of Curry series by under Armour. The Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe is safe and supportive b-ball shoes for ever player. If you like the previous Curry 1 and 2- you will like it too. These best basketball shoes are very comfortable to wear and keep your feet cooler as long as you wear them. Its unique features the ETC anti-friction top cloth, reduces temperature case by body heat and friction. Beside its offers a good range of design and color so you can choose the perfect styling for playing.

The midsole contains Lunarlon at the heel area. The setup is very well. You will get extra protection from the midsole. These shoes are suitable for any surface positions. The shoes have UA Antifoam which provides a comfortable body-mapped fit. Besides, the shoes have flexible support excellent cushioning. The Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe helps you to be robust enough to beat the defender. Moreover, the shoes will provide you a plenty of court feel. You can face a little bit problems with the boot. The bottom loop of the lace can cause you some lace pressure. The TPU bar can make you uncomfortable with the feet.

Again, the shoes are looking good with some color choice options. You can try it in your court. You can make a decision after reading some reviews.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe- Curry Basketball Shoes


  • Especially features- ETC anti- friction top cloth reduces heat.
  • Made with textile materials, molded synthetic upper and rubber sole.
  • Its anti-microbial Ortho- Lite sock liner and Die-cut molds allow proper fitting of the foot.
  • Provide well ankle support.
  • Comes with deep color and design range.


  • The laces sometimes lose while playing.
  • Bit heavy shoes compare than others.


Skechers Sport Men’s Burst Donlen Oxford – Under armour basketball shoes

Your best basketball shoes should be fit better rather than any other features. The Skechers Sports Men’s Burst Basketball Shoe made for ideal fitting and balance for every basketball players. This model is also very comfortable to wear for an extended period. Its breathable mesh of synthetic keep your feet cooler. Also, it’s good for added stability and mobility so you can move faster and play both indoor and outdoor without facing any difficulty. This man’s b-ball shoes from Skechers may not have with lots of verities, but still, the option is excellent for any test of players. The offers black, red, neon and white shoes with a smart design that right for a stylish look of you.

Skechers is a well-known company for all kinds of footwear for sports. So, you can depend on their shoes. High-rebound cushioning increases the comfort of the shoes. They use textile materials to make the upper portion. The synthetic overlays on the top give you the seamless feel also add the stability. The GOimpulse technology provides the correct arch support on the midsoles. The S logo on the shoes makes the shoes more stylish, and laces make your foot fit with the shoes. Besides, the size of the shoes expected. So, you can make the shoes as the best basketball shoes for so far good quality.

Skechers Sport Men's Burst Donlen Oxford


  • Comes with high- rebound cushioning with responsive feedback.
  • Features anatomically correct arch support and shock absorption.
  • Made with breathable textile mesh for cooling comfort.
  • Rubber sole for court ready grip and better landing.
  • Four different colors for finding your style.
  • Perfect sizing.


  • Long but not so wide.
  • Bit heavier shoes for running.

Nike Men’s Hyperlive Basketball Shoe – NIKE BASKETBALL SHOES

If you want a different test of the best basketball shoes then, there is nothing better than Nike Men’s Hyper live basketball shoes perfect for you. They offer a broad range of color and design with different price range. Those who like some unique style of sports shoes will love them. These best basketball shoes are super safety materials that make wearing comfortable on you. It’s suitable for providing enough flexibility, lockdown and the console. It’s one of the best high cut basketball shoes which performing likes the low-cut shoes. The shoes are the bit heavier than our other reviewed shoes- 6 lbs due to its long and narrow upper portion. Many players prefer the general short model of b-ball shoes than the high one. But still, it’s worth the shape and the features that it’s offering. The traction patterns of the shoe still now best.

The company uses the hyper fuse for the upper portion. It makes the shoes durable and lightweight. The ankles and the collar portion also made of the fuse. The Phylon midsole makes the shoes durable. You do not feel any pain, and you can move quickly. The Nike zoom air technology makes the shoes to be quick from every push. The upper is also sturdy and super supportive. But there is a little padding on the heel side of the shoes. Besides, you can get ankle sore when you cut hard. The shoes are also cheaper and nice looking with some color choice. Besides, you can move freely, so that it has Flywire cables and lockdown facility.

Buying the Nike Men’s Hyper live Basketball Shoe as the best basketball shoes are not the waste of your money. You can get the benefits that you expected from this shoe. So, you can choose the shoes as the best one.
Nike Men’s Hyperlive Basketball Shoe


  • Made with hyperfuse material along with the rubber sole.
  • Good for stability and mobility.
  • Offers articulated padding lines the collar for perfect and comfortable fitting.
  • Its Flywire cables enhance the fitting and lockdown.
  • Its forefoot zoom air and heel provides low-profile but responsive cushioning.
  • For proper stability and support, it has the outsole material wrap the sidewalls for stability and support.
  • Quite wide so it’s good with those who have narrow feet.


  • It’s little long and narrow which may cause discomfort your fit.
  • Heavier sports shoes.

Jordan Mens Jordan True Flight Basketball Shoes – JORDAN BASKETBALL SHOES

Inspired by the game of high-level basketball players, Jordan True Flight is surely accepted as probably the greatest and best basketball shoes worldwide.

Jordan knows how solid basketball can be in their shoes. With this in mind, the Jordan True Flight shoes feature the famous secure casing for your feet. Jordan True Flight offers the leather and dura buck upper with neoprene Dynamic Fit inner sleeve. Strategically placed vent holes create maximum circulation. No matter how hot and bothered you, you can guarantee that your feet will stay cool and dry.
The shoe fits true to size. It is significant enough, making surprisingly lightweight cushioning. With the Jordan True Flight have done away with the zigzags at the bottom of the shoe. That’s Means no more punching holes in walls when you go to do handstand push-ups. The overhanging zigzag was a nagging problem with the 1.0’s.

The Jordan True Flight is one of the best basketball shoes on the market today. Jordan True Flight has a flexible full-length that’s it made of three kinds of materials that eliminates the bulkiness while giving the proper shoe ventilation as well as stability.

The basketball shoes use Jordan True Flight in the heal and along with the cushioned midsole drives comfort while providing the response to shoes you expects during your practice, pick-up or league game. The Jordan True Flight shoe combines a solid rubber outsole provides exceptional durability and the traction you need when playing.

Basketballer who wants a strictly shoe made for basketball can be stuck and will definitely get your money’s worth.

Jordan Mens Jordan True Flight Basketball Shoes


  • Leather upper and durabuck with neoprene inner sleeve Dynamic fit
  • Nylon loop fabric flip provide a comfortable and safe casing for your foot.
  • The polyurethane sole and flexible full leather
  • lightweight cushioning.
  • Rubber soles with traction and durability


  • Right size unless they are extremely narrow

Nike Lebron Zoom Soldier 9 Basketball Shoe lebron basketball shoes

The Lebron Zoom Soldier 9 comes from Nike, which marks one of the most popular of the market. The legacy of King James continues and now power to take place in these Lebron Zoom Soldier 9 of Nike. With an original design, these basketball shoes will undoubtedly be the perfect weapon for those battles in heat. They have an innovative system of closing with tape, which together with the Flywire cables attached to the cords, guarantee a close closed and a perfect locking sensation. The Nike Zoom padding system gives you a smooth and comfortable feel during bouncing and jumping, So you can make all your moves without any hassle. The Lebron Zoom Soldier 9 integrates details of Lebron James to give the final touch of style.

Lebron Zoom Soldier 9 by Nike is built to withstand its explosive play. It has an innovative belt system containing the front foot and side to side for 360 locks. And, it is made of real leather and rubber outsole and Flywire cables are integrated With a medium strap for light lateral support. These shoes give good shoe ventilation as well as stability.



  • Innovative belts secure your foot from all angles.
  • Nike Zoom Padding offers you high responsiveness.
  • The side walls wrap up to better contain the foot.
  • Hexagon sole pattern for multi-directional traction.
  • Flywire cables connect to the strap to improve locking and lateral holding.
  • The Phylon midsole provides cushioning and stability without adding weight.


  • Ankle support is less expected
  • The fit is slightly uncomfortable

Nike Men’s Kobe XI Basketball Shoe – Kobe basketball shoes

The Kobe XI Elite Low men’s basketball shoes combine innovations from the past with new technological advances to create high-performance footwear that also reflects Kobe’s style on the court. The durable Flyknit upper provides optimum grip, while a Zoom Air unit in the heel provides maximum efficiency.

The Flyknit construction uses TPU wire for greater durability and lightness.

Nike Kobe XI Basketball Shoes


  • The open mesh top with TPU coating is breathable and resistant
  • Center foot straps with integrated Flywire technology block the foot for lightweight stability
  • The Lunarlon midsole provides flexible and flexible cushioning
  • Rubber outsole with innovative traction design for quick acceleration and change of direction
  • Flexible grooves provide a natural range of motion


  • The shoes are really cut low.
  • Toe has some unwanted volume.

What are the different types of basketball shoes?

There are many verities of basketball available in the market in various weights, cushioning and different heights. The kind of b- ball shoes reflect the type of a basket player. A right kind of shoes that matches can help you to matches your style and aid you to jump better or run across the court in speed. So, finding the right pair of shoes here is some idea of different types of basketball shoe.What are the different types of basketball shoes?

It is not so easy to choose the right one from many kinds of basketball shoes. It will be easier if you know about all sorts of shoes and also about the brands. You can buy the slim lightweight shoes if you feel comfort with these shoes. Besides, a high – top heavyweight shoes can also suit you according to your desire and styles of play.

Which Are Brands The Best For The Best Basketball Shoes?

There are many brands and shoes for basketball players worldwide. Some brands are well-known for their footwear products. You can choose one of the brands and take one of their shoes as your favorite one.

  • Addidas

Addidas is the best company that makes best shoes that everyone adores. With durability, toughness, style and comfort they are aware of using quality materials for their every basketball shoes. And the good thing about this top brand is, they are not too expensive. You will find a good pair in your budget range. Hence, it’s a very reliable brand.

  • Nike

It’s one of the top brands of sports accessories, gears, and other items. They made quality b- ball shoes as well that symbolize the styles, science, and durability. It’s one of the famous brands that have all category players as customers/ fan. However, if you want something reliable and supporting including the comfort and style, then Nike is the brand that you can trust more.

  • Under Armour

This brand also has a reputation for producing all user-friendly shoes. They made charged cushioning shoes going all the way of the toe. They also come with some vibrant color and design that’s great to look. Beside, Under Armour got some affordable and expensive models for all type of players. You can take a pair of shoes as a comfortable one from this company.

  • Skechers

They are an excellent option of those who want stick to their budget while buying the gear. The shoes of the Skechers are comfortable and great for traction. They provide the stylish and long-lasting shoes. This company is the reliable one. So, you can trust with them for their products.

  • Nike Men’s

It’s the inline production of Nike which is only made the sports shoes for men players. You will find all the facilities and features that Nike offers for it’s all the products.

However, you will find some fresh pair of best b-ball shoes in this line. Nike Men’s will be the final destination for those players who wants to play in style on the court.

Best Basketball Shoes Buyer’s Guide

Got Game? No matter if you play pickup basketball or play basketball in an organized group, choosing the right pace best basketball shoes will make all the difference in how you play the game. Does the style of the game includes many quick cuts and acceleration and stopping as guardian? Or, you’re more like a forward or center who jumps too?

No matter what your game, many people choose basketball shoes with style number and appearance. However, the comfortable fit may be the most significant selection criteria you should use when selecting your best basketball shoes. If you decide the right size and fit when you buy basketball shoes can lead to injuries, blisters, back, knee pain and a host of other issues.

When you are going to buy your b-ball shoes, you need to check some facts before purchasing. Not all expensive or brand models are good enough for every level of player. So before making the final decisions make sure your chosen pairs contain qualities like these.

In addition to comfort and fit when you are buying your basketball shoes:


Basketball shoes must be comfortable and supportive for the player. If you do not feel comfortable, your performance will go down. So, check the materials of upper and sole of shoes before going to buy. Proper cushion makes sure the feet stay in position and keep safe from injuries. Beside your shoes need to be heat prevented, meaning it won’t produce extra heat or maintain the temperature inside the shoes. Easy-wearing, comfortable and lightweight shoes will make you confident on the basketball court.


Fitting is another important factor while choosing shoes. Make sure it provides the proper fitting with your socks. Before purchasing your b-ball, shoes wear them and walk through around the store. For online shopping, if you have tried any pair already you will in the safe zone in purchasing, but other models may be a bit different at some point of fittings. It’s better to consult with the buyer about your demands and the particular pair going offers to the consumer. If the shoes do not fit well, you can get an unwanted injury.


Now that you understand the importance of sizing and how often you should change your shoes, it is equally important to know how the shoes made to select the best basketball shoe for your needs. The basketball shoe is made up of three parts: the upper; midsole and outsole.

The upper is the top of your basketball shoe, and its role is to keep your foot in place and snug while playing your game. Other components of the upper that play a vital role in keeping your foot where it should be laces, straps, zippers and straps.

The midsole is found between the upper, outsole and made of soft shock absorbing material. There are many kinds of materials used for cushioning and for shock absorption. Recommended finding a shoe that has an excellent midsole, as it will help to comfort and ability to lead your court.

The outsole is situated at the bottom of the basketball shoe and made of rubber. The outsole provides stability when you are on the court and should be flat and have a wide profile. If your shoe selection has this design, it should help in the prevention of ankle injuries.

If you follow the above recommendation, you should be able to find the right basketball shoes for your game on the internet or in a sports shoe store.


The one thing you can’t compromise with your shoes is that the size. So you have to be accurate about your foot size. Right fitting shoes are compulsory for any players to play well. Also, you have to check the size while buying new shoes because sometimes our foot changes its shape a bit without any notice. Besides, the shoes of some company are a little bit narrow or a little bit wide. So, it is a matter to consider one according to your foot size.


The durability of the shoes depends on the materials. The plastic and synthetic based upper will get damage quickly. But raw materials will give you the durable and luxurious shoes. It is better to have a good one than having many options. But, maximum basketball shoes are durable with the synthetic upper portion. Synthetic materials make the shoes breathable than the leather one. So, you should consider this matter to select the best basketball shoes.


The comfort of the shoes depends much on cushioning. There are many buffer sources. Foam cushioning and the air-based cushioning can be your best choice. The air-based cushioning keeps your feet fresh, and the foam cushioning gives the extra protection of your ankles. So, choose the shoes with your desired cushioning.


When you look for a new pair of the best basketball shoes, the style is the thing of consideration. A stylish pair of shoes inspires you to take it. But it is not true that the stylish shoes will play well. But the shoes of the reliable company are stylish with extended durability and comfort.

Shop and brands

It’s safe to go for brand shoes while purchasing a good pair of basketball shoes. If you have a particular style of the sports shoes, you should go for it rather than changing styles. New methods or features could be promising, and you should try if you like, but only for practicing. Never try anything new that you don’t use it for 3/4 time at least.


The high price of a product does not ensure quality. Yes, quality goods may not found at the low price. Quality depends on many things such as materials, sewing, glues, etc. Usually, brand stores do not sell bad quality products at the high rate because their reputation may go down. But the price is a good measurement of the quality products. If the products are made of high-quality materials, then the price must be higher. Quality shoes are also good for your feet which can save your feet.

Usually, price varies on the quality of the materials, finish and brand name in some cases. We reviewed here some shoes raining 70- 300 dollars which are a good range for getting mid to high level of basketball shoes.

Skill Level

The basketball shoes vary with the skill level. Some shoes with high price are good for the elite athlete. If you are a new player, you do not need the latest and greatest shoes. It does not mean that you need a pair of chucks. You can buy the most recent pair of shoes that is suitable for you.


Before buying a pair of basketball shoes, you should pay attention to the outsole of the shoe. Make sure that the soles of the shoes can play on any kinds of surfaces. Check the rubber’s softness, patterns, etc. The solid rubber made outsole is always good.


It is another thing of consideration. The shoes which are flexible can help you to move smoothly and do the better performance. A pair of flexible shoes also can prevent you from any slip.


There are three types of tops available in the market- low-tops, mid and high tops. You can choose any top as your needs. These are like,

The low-tops basketball shoes are may be standard athletic shoes but made for speed and traction on the field. They offer good ankle flexibility but not that support that most of the players need. They are lightweight and good for the quick movement.

Mid-tops are may be standard athletic shoes but made for speed and traction on the field. They offer good ankle flexibility but not that support that most of the players need. They are lightweight and good for the quick movement.

These are good for the count on bursts of speed and good ankle support. That’s why they are good for landing jumps and fast turns.

High-top basketball shoes are mostly preferred by those who play close quarters along with more physical contact, the power players. They jump for shots and rebounds often. So, they need extra support and sturdy cushioning in the shoes. High- tops provide best ankles support and ankles stability, but they are bit heavier than another tow.

Basketball shoes are made with mostly leather, synthetic, canvas or the combination of leather and synthetic mesh. Shoes with synthetic or synthetic mesh are lightweight and good for foot stability. Usually, rubber soles are standard for all kind of basketball shoes. Keep your feet secured more, the closers have lots of verities. Such as zipper, straps, hook and loop closure and the traditional closure the lace. Lace and straps are more useful in loosening and tightening fitting than other options.

In conclusion

There are a lot of options for choosing basketball shoes, and they could give your trouble while deciding only one pair. But if you go through the quality and comfort of the shoe than other options should be settled quickly. Don’t be just overwhelm by looking design and color or any specially features of a shoe. You can choose Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7 Basketball Shoe is comfortability and durability. If you love the lightweight one, you can choose the Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe. You must choose the best basketball shoes that fit well and give you more durability and support. To make your performance good, try to pick the right one.

After all, you are not attending any fashion show, right? And also don’t be a penny pincher at all. If you are an advance level of player, you need an advanced level of shoes that support your game, and there is no place to compromise. Our reviewed top five will help you a lot for all kind of player. So, look carefully, read every pros and con of the article and choose wisely your best basketball shoes for play and practicing.


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